FamilyStrokes – Khloe Kapri Cadet Khloe Part 3: Memorial Day Her Way

Cadet Khloe (Part 3 of 3): Khloe is as mischievous as ever, and not even TeamSkeet Reform School for Rebellious Teens was enough to keep her in line. When Memorial Day comes along, Khloe spends the day with her stepdad, Miles, and her stepbrother, Parker, as well as their party guests. Parker knows Khloe needs paperwork signed but hasn’t told Miles about it yet, so he threatens to tell Miles himself. But Khloe uses her cunning and sexual prowess to stop him. When Miles catches Khloe giving Parker sloppy toppy during the pledge, he knows he has to settle things once and for all. Miles and Parker must keep Khloe’s lust in line, so they fuck her fast and hard. She takes the two men like a champ, and she’s even more turned on by the fact that it’s her stepdad and stepbrother nailing her. Ultimately, Khloe turns out to be a pretty tough cadet, just as Miles always hoped she’d be!

Date: May 27, 2023